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Whether to process Malay or English language content, or even both, we can help you get it done.

Our products allow our customer to build solutions for analytics, marketing, media, PR, finance, and research across a wide variety of industries.

Social Listening & Voice of the Customer

Uncover key business insights by understanding digital conversations.

Determine customer happiness

Segmentise customer engagement

Be proactive to social media reactions

Increase customer experience

News Aggregation & Media Monitoring

Build news aggregation and PR tools to filter and focus on what is important and relevant.

Aggregate content at scale

Monitor brand mentions and changes in sentiment

Determine media campaigns' effectiveness

Invent new ways to consume news

Market & Risk Analysis

Include big data into your risk analysis and reporting.

Monitor industry and market performance

Track organization mentions

Evaluate events and supplier risk

Proactively identify events and trends

Publishing Solutions

Understand what is published in the media to make data-driven advertising, editorial, and distribution decisions.

Automate content analysis and tagging​

Build recommendation engines

Evaluate content performance

Uncover hot content topics

Let Us Do The Heavy Lifting

Skip building and maintaining your own NLP engine and focus on your business.

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  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Classification
  • Emotion Analysis


Unlock the value of Big Data analytics
$ 1,000
Per Month
  • Monthly quota: 1,000,000 API calls
  • Pay-per-use:
    $0.001 per call
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Classification
  • Emotion Analysis
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