We develop Artificial Intelligence to understand Malaysian language

Creating Chatbots, Intelligent Automation and State-of-the-Art Language Models.

Malaya Open-Source

Mesolitica is the business entity that commercialize NLP research and development works published under the Malaya NLTK open-source project. We provide consultation and custom development around AI / NLP, data engineering, and MLOps with the objective to operationalize AI towards generating business value.


Nous by Mesolitica: a no-code chatbot for business. Multimodal. Multiskill. Multilingual.

Intelligent Automation

Create smart workflow with Natural Language capabilities to enable Business Process Automation. 300+ automation use-cases to explore.


Improve ROI of AI investment by establishing industry best-practices with LLMOps and adopting a data-centric model approach.

MaLLaM 🌙 Malaysia Large Language Model

MaLLaM 🌙 (Malaysia Large Language Model), Malaysian Foundation Language Model, fully open research, trained on 349GB JSONL equivalent to 90 Billion tokens, Technical Report

What are the requirements to start developing an AI solution?

Everything starts with identifying top business objectives and specific business use-cases. Next is to determine business data availability as the source to feed into the AI solution. Following that would be to secure the mandate, budget and human resources attached to the project.

Engagement cost for Mesolitica services?

Our base rate is RM 5,000 (Malaysia) or USD 1,000 (outside Malaysia) per manday.

How long does it take to deploy an AI solution?

Similar to software development and digital transformation projects, an AI solution can be deployed between 6 to 9 months subject to readiness of data platform within the organization. State-of-the-art data infrastructure is a pre-requisite for any enterprise-level AI solution deployment.

How to start engaging with Mesolitica?

Initial consultation > demo > solution proposal > contract > proof-of-concept > scale-up > operationalize > hand-over or continued support.